Wavelogix Group is a strategic business development and marketing services firm that helps early stage technology companies survive and thrive. Our clients include venture capitalists and investment bankers who need to create the best return on investment; entrepreneurs who are interested in the ultimate success of their company; and established players who are launching new product initiatives. In each case, our mission is to help clients assess their true potential and formulate an action plan that will result in quantifiable value.

Our process is simple and highly effective. First, we identify the gaps between our client's founding vision and the reality of the market. Then, using a proprietary set of business and market evaluation tools, we'll guide you through the process of determining the realizable potential of your company and its products or services. Working from the perspective of real market potential, we are able to advise clients on the best way to invest precious resources and avoid likely potholes -- before they fall in.

Each of Wavelogix' principals has over twenty years experience helping technology companies realize their potential. Using that experience, we guide clients from the idea stage to the action stage by helping them develop and implement business strategies and marketing programs that overcome tough competition, weather market swings and build real value for investors, founders, employees and customers.